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SEA-NH Scholarship Winners Thankful for the Help

Springtime means scholarship news! The SEIU has just closed its application process for the 2012-2013 year and will be announcing awards in the next couple of months. SEIU’s scholarships, which are open to SEIU members or their children, are awarded to 28 students a year. First year students are eligible for $1,000 scholarships which are renewable, while onetime $1,500 scholarships are awarded to returning full time students. Winners are determined by lottery. The next round of lottery applications will be available in November 2012.

While only twenty eight students around the country are chosen, New Hampshire has been well represented. We caught up with some of last year’s recipients and their parents.

“Leave it to my wife,” is what Thomas Wickey (Insurance Department) had to say when asked his reaction to his son John receiving one of the four SEA-NH scholarships awarded this past fall. Wickey says his wife Sheila is the one who pushed their son John into doing all the paper work on the application.

John Wickey, a freshman at Babson, received a renewable scholarship in the amount of $1,000.

“We were flabbergasted, this is an unexpected benefit from the SEA,” said Sheila Wickey. “Every little bit counts.”

Sarah Bennett, a second semester freshman at the University of Hartford says her $1,000 scholarship has been well used.

“It has helped me pay for my books and a lot of fees,” Bennett said. Her father, Charles Bennett works in the Adjutant General’s office. Bennett says she hopes her scholarship gets renewed.

University of New Hampshire senior Sarah McGraw, daughter of Gail McGraw (Veteran’s Home) received a one-time $1,500 scholarship.

“ Sarah works and goes to school at the same time and has always done what she can to be less reliable on us, “ said Gail McGraw. “This has helped her a lot.”

Erin Fleurant, a junior at Tufts, is a pre-med student currently taking a semester abroad in Madrid. At the beginning of this school year she was awarded $1,500 in scholarship money. Her mother, Deborah Fleurant (DOE) says the SEA scholarship money has been a huge benefit.

“So many of these kids have had to take out so much money in loans, so when cash comes in, it is a tremendous asset to them,” said Fleurant.

To learn more about these scholarships and others offered through the SEIU click here.

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