A Simple Phone Call Can Lead to Savings and Cash

State of NH employees and members continue to use the Compass SmartShopper program to earn incentives and lower healthcare costs. This May, over 250 employees earned over $17,000 in incentive rewards resulting in over $100,000 in savings. Still many employees have not found out how simple and effective the Compass SmartShopper program can be…just a 2 minute phone call or a few clicks online can earn you up to $500 for select medical procedures.

As part of the continuing engagement strategy to lower healthcare costs and protect health benefits, the State of NH and the SEA is partnering with Compass to support mailings to those members who COULD have shopped with Compass but did not.

Beginning this month, Compass will begin to mail letters to select members of the Anthem medical plan who had a service that was eligible for an incentive under the SmartShopper program but the member did not contact Compass prior to the service.

This approach is intended to educate those employees and members on the benefits of this program who may not realize or remember their ability to use the service.

As always, Compass, the State of NH and the SEA are committed to maintaining employee privacy and confidentiality and no communications will disclose specific medical services.

This approach is supported by the State of NH Health Benefits Committee (HBC) comprised of both State of New Hampshire and SEA representatives.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Compass at 800-824-9127.

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