Canvassing Made Easy

Spending two hours on a hot Saturday afternoon in June handing out literature in a Rochester neighborhood may not sound like much of a picnic to most.  As far as John Dow is concerned, it was a small price to pay for a chance at securing his future and that of other public workers in the state. He was among a handful of people who participated in the Accountability Walk held this past weekend in Rochester. Other walks were held in Manchester and Nashua. The goal was to leaflet neighborhoods with legislative report cards sharing information with voters about which legislators stood up for the working middle class and those who did not.

“Overall it was a very positive experience. What made it possible was the literature, it was outstanding. It was easy for the voter to follow and to understand and it was very effective,” said John Dow, a certifying officer with New Hampshire Employment Security and a member of the Seacoast Local Strength Team.

John says he participated in the walk because he firmly believes voters need to understand the issues when they vote in November.  He says he’s motivated to be involved because of a quote from the Greek philosopher Pericles:

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

John says this past legislative session is alarming proof of how much politicians are taking an interest in New Hampshire State and town workers.

“They are attempting to eliminate our bargaining rights, benefits and who we are as citizens, service providers and participants in our own democracy,” he said. “They are taking interest in us and we have to fight back.”

He had praise for the organizers of the walks and their strategy, which was to simply hand voters information and not become engaged in long discussions.

John hopes more members will volunteer at future events. “This is about our livelihood, we are all being threatened. If they [the members] think about it, ‘politics is taking an interest in them.’”

If there was any downside for John it had to do with the canine side of canvassing. “I never knew my right leg was so popular with dogs.”

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