Driving the President

A small group of SEA members were on hand earlier this week to see and hear President Obama.  Some were up real close and personal with him.  Members Ken Roos and Bruce Valandingham actually drove in the President’s motorcade.  Ken transported the press corps and Bruce transported campaign members and special guests.  This came only after both were cleared, days before, by the Secret Service.  “We had to provide our Driver’s License, our Social Security numbers, date of birth, etc.” said Ken.

“We were there when the President came bounding down the ladder of Air Force One,” said Ken. “In spite of the pouring rain, he came down quickly and without holding onto the rails – such energy. It was amazing that he didn’t slip.” Ken, a previous witness of several Air Force One landings, told us he has seen other President’s take a tumble when deplaning. “He was agile, energetic and very positive and upbeat.”

During the President’s speech Ken and Bruce were in a holding room (which was the high school’s Band Room) and did not have the opportunity to hear the President’s words.  That did not faze our pair of drivers, though.  “After he finished speaking, he came into our room, and immediately said to me ‘It’s great to see you again,’ “said Ken. “I’m sure he remembers me because of my hair.” For those of you who may not know Ken Roos, he has a shock of white curly locks that stand out in any crowd!  “He said specifically to Bruce and me ‘It’s great to have the support of SEIU.”

Other members in attendance (that we know of) were Kevin Meyers, Randy Hunneyman and his son, Kristin Sheppe (SEA staff) and her husband and son, Phil Burt, Ray Labonte, Jim Nall, and Cheryl Towne. If you were there, please let us know. We would like to hear about your experience.

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