Yeah! New Website Goes Live

The SEA/SEIU 1984 web site has just returned from vacation and is well rested and ready to go to work. That’s right, we have a new website that we hope you’ll find much easier to navigate and rich with content you can use.

One of the most notable differences you’ll discover is that this new site is much easier to read.  There are fewer clicks to find answers and new enhancements to better serve our members and some of their more immediate needs. Quite frankly, we think we have things a bit more organized!

For instance, you will find that each SEA chapter has a page. This is a great enhancement because it allows members in each chapter an opportunity to post information that is relevant to others in the same chapter. To make this feature work more efficiently, we will be asking chapters to coordinate a web site ‘guru’ whose responsibility will be to keep that particular chapter’s information current and up to date.

Another great feature is our political page. Here is where you’ll find the latest on our ‘hot button’ issues including; “All in to Win,” “Prison Privatization-Bad for NH,” and “Businesses Standing with the Middle Class.”

For the first time, you will find a new page called, The Political Scene. Under this heading,  you will find a drop down menu that features information on the “Granite Strong Vision 2012,” “In our Communities, ”“Under the Gold Dome,” and “Around the Nation.”

In addition to the new website there is still more to check out! You will also see an official SEA Facebook Page, a special YouTube Channel and Flickr account. You can easily comment, share articles, videos, or photos with family and friends by a single click of the mouse.

We invite your comments and suggestions to make this website even better.  Please send your thoughts to

Please remember to access social media websites at your home computers!

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