Housing Needed for Campaign Supporters

Between its status as a battleground state and its first-in-the-nation primary, New Hampshire is a pretty popular place during election cycles. That’s not expected to be any different this fall, either.

With an expected influx of volunteers here to get out the vote, President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has put out the call for Granite State supporters with a little empty space in their homes to play host.

The Obama campaign has said there’s a need for supporter housing across the state, whether it’s just for a few days, or longer-term. The highest need time will be from Saturday, Oct. 27 through the election, though there are supporters in the state now who could use a place to stay.

John Hattan, a union member who works for the Department of Health and Human Services, has hosted out-of-state volunteers numerous times, as many as three at one time.

“It’s always nice — you learn stuff,” Hattan said. “I’m not saying it isn’t tough. You get to know them and meet them and then they’re gone.”

Though he’s unsure if he and his wife will be able to host this time around, he knows it’s a pivotal time.

“It’s an important election, obviously, and we want to contribute,” he said.

Brian Hawkins, the Government Relations Coordinator for SEA/SEIU 1984 has plenty of experience on the other side, having worked on numerous political campaigns. He said people who host campaign supporters are always welcoming and are doing it because they want to help.

“They might not be able to knock on doors every weekend but they have the space in their home because their kid moved out or whatever,” Hawkins said.

And the value of a welcoming, and affordable, environment can’t be underestimated, either, when many of these supporters are here on their own dime.

“You’ve got people coming from out of state and they want to help out, they can give the time, but they can’t afford to spend a week or even a couple days in a hotel room,” Hawkins said.

If you’re interested in contributing by providing supporter housing, you can call Robin Miller at SEA/SEIU 1984 at 271-3411, ext. 113, or email her at rmiller@seiu1984.org with the following info:

Contact Info
Number of Beds

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