Update: Bills Posted After Newspaper Reports Withholding

Yesterday, we shared an article by the Concord Monitor’s Annmarie Timmins that reported House Speaker Bill O’Brien had ordered that proposed bills submitted by lawmakers running for re-election be sealed until after voting in November. An O’Brien staffer later challenged that assertion in an article published by The Telegraph of Nashua.

Though O’Brien’s Chief of Staff Greg Moore told The Telegraph that neither the speaker nor his office had ordered the hold on the bills, others disagreed. This from the Monitor’s followup story today:

Jill Sieveking, acting director of that office, told the Monitor Tuesday that O’Brien had told her to hold off publishing the information until after the election. Several other House members interviewed Tuesday and yesterday said they had received the same information from the Legislative Services office in the last week.

Today’s story in the Monitor reported that bills were finally being posted after the story disputing the bill withholding was published on The Telegraph’s website.

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