In Dixville Notch, The Vote Must Go On

Voters in tiny Dixville Notch aren’t letting demolition get in the way of their tradition of being the first to cast ballots in the election.

While The Balsams Grand Hotel, the typical polling place for residents of Dixville Notch, is being remodeled, voting has been moved to a nearby ski lodge.

The town’s 10 voters usually vote just after midnight on Election Day at The Balsams, but remodeling of the resort has forced a change in venue. According to the Union Leader, voters will instead cast their ballots at The Balsams Wilderness Ski Resort just down the road.

The tradition of voting just after midnight goes back to the 1960 election, where all nine voters there picked then-Vice President Richard Nixon over Massachusetts U.S. Rep. John F. Kennedy.

If you’re wondering how and why the town votes when it does, the UL article has this:

New Hampshire law allows polls to be closed and votes to be counted when all registered voters in a community have cast their ballots. Voting in Dixville Notch traditionally takes less than a minute, and results are broadcast to the nation shortly after midnight on Election Day.

The businessmen who bought The Balsams plan to recreate the balloting room.

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