Ceremony Held to Dedicate New Flagpole

SEA members and staff gathered in front of the SEA offices late Tuesday morning to help dedicate a flagpole and plaque that were donated by the members of Chapter 1.

SEA President Diana Lacey, front left, and Chapter 1 President Peter Bartlett laugh during a ceremony dedicating the plaque and flagpole donated by Chapter 1. Bartlett gave special praise to members John Amrol, center in long black coat, and Maureen Timmins, center in blue parka, for their work in shepherding the flagpole project.

The donation of the flagpole prompted the SEA to purchase a second flagpole that was placed about 15 yards away. One pole carries the state flag, while the other carries the U.S. flag and the POW-MIA flag.

Peter Bartlett, the president of Chapter 1, spoke briefly at the dedication.

“I’d like to present to the SEA this flagpole, flag and plaque as a gift from Chapter 1 to the SEA,” Bartlett said.

The stone plaque, which reads “in memory of union members who came before us and paved the way, and to current members securing the future for working men and women,” is placed directly in front of the flagpole donated by Chapter 1.

Bartlett made it clear where credit was due for getting the flagpole project completed.

“I’d like to particularly recognize John Amrol and Maureen Timmins, who served as the committee that did the legwork that made this gift possible,” Bartlett said. “I believe the original idea came from Maureen herself. Maureen’s chapter years ago presented a flagpole at the old SEA location.”

SEA President Diana Lacey also praised Amrol and Timmins.

“It looks great and you two did so much work on getting this just right,” she said. “I really appreciate it and I know the board of directors does as well. “

Lacey said that Chapter 1’s contributions go far beyond the new flagpole.

“Chapter 1 is the gift that keeps giving to us,” she said. “You are our past, you’ve helped bring us to our present and you are feeding our future. We are so appreciative of all you folks have done and continue to do. You set such a good example!”

For his part, Amrol said he appreciated having a role in the project.

“It was a lot of work and I had a lot of fun doing it, and it was all for the union,” Amrol said.

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