Candidates Vie for Spot on Board at Special Election

Three members have announced their candidacy for one vacant position on the State Employees’ Association’s Board of Directors.  The election will take place this Thursday at the Association’s quarterly Council Meeting.  The meeting will convene at 7:00 p.m. at the Courtyard by Marriott in Concord.  Registration begins at 6:30 p.m.

Each of the candidates has provided a brief introduction for consideration prior to voting.

Richard Gulla, Chapter 17

I have been a state employee and SEA member for nearly fifteen years, with my time with the state I have worked ten years as an area Supervisor/Manager for the Liquor Commission and most recently as a Store manager for the last four.

The union has been great to me in so many ways.  I am currently one of four stewards in the commission. I started in this capacity last April.

I believe in the working individual and the benefits and rights so many before us have fought hard for us to have. Now it is our turn to further expand on what our predecessors have given us.

Most recently I have been on the front lines fighting for my fellow co-workers here at the Commission as they try and strip rights from our workers and intimidate myself and others for standing up to them!

I want to help others not just those members in my agency, which is why I am running for the Board of Directors. I want to make sure our pay and benefits remain intact and going forth made even stronger for ALL state workers!!

I look forward to meeting and taking with you, and I hope to have the privilege to serve you well.


Jo-Ann Keller, Chapter 11

My name is Jo-Ann Keller from Pembroke, NH.  I am an RN and nursing supervisor at the NH Veterans Home (NHVH) in Tilton, NH.  I served as a steward and employee advocate at the NHVH. I have been a State employee for 14 years, the last two of which I spent at the SEA as the Health Benefit Member Advocate.  During my time at the SEA, I learned what it means to belong to a union – that each individual member is the union and together our voices are strong.   I am running for the board of directors because I would like to help strengthen the union and get more members involved and knowledgeable about what a union is and why they need to be active.  I would like to see more of our younger members get involved – I have been rallying the millennial generation (35 year olds and younger) at the veterans home to join a millennial committee.  And last but definitely not least I would like to see a positive light shed on unions both for the public and the employer to:

  • help them understand that unions work to improve and maintain safe worker conditions
  • ensure that unions and employers work together to provide reasonable wages and benefits so that employees can maintain a balance between home-life/health-wellness/and work-life

Thank you for considering as me a choice for the Board of Directors.

Kenneth Muske, Chapter 19

I Live in Portsmouth New Hampshire and joined this union my first day of full time employment with the state of New Hampshire. That was before it became mandatory to join or pay a service fee. My agency is Employment Security, with which I have been full time since September of 2006 after working part time in the agency for two years. I have experience as a member of  a number of non-profit boards of directors since retiring from the armed forces in 1991. I have served in the roles of treasurer, vice president and president on most of these boards at different times. My educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Education. I believe that we as a union have to become more active and relevant in our actions towards the management in our state agencies to survive.


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