Meet Jim Nall, Master Bargaining Team Chair!

Jim Nall returns to the Bargaining Table as a third time member, this time as team chair. “I wanted to take an active role to do all I can to protect our employment and compensation,” he said. “Especially in the current economy.”

Jim has been in state service for seven years and has been an active SEA member for that entire time. Jim provides direct patient care as a nurse at Glencliff Home on the side of Mt. Mooselaukee in Benton, NH.  He and his longtime partner live in what Jim describes as “a backwoods area where folks stick together for the common good of all.”  That common good is something Jim is working hard to achieve through this contract negotiation process. “There are many facets to bargaining for and ultimately attaining a decent contract,” he said. “Most importantly, we need to check any personal agenda at the door and support and fight for what best benefits all of our members.” Jim strives to achieve this through listening to all team members’ opinions and making final decisions based on all input.

“I know what it’s like to be an employee where the lowest wage earners have basically no voice,” he said.  Jim believes not speaking up for the lowest wage earners is unconscionable and would lead to fewer dollars being pumped into an already stressed economy.  “I would never consider a contract that contained provisions that I would not accept myself.  If we stand united as one union, we will one day reverse the demonization of the state employees and the public will appreciate us for the quality services we provide.”

When he is not working or participating in bargaining team meetings, Jim enjoys woodworking, drawing, and painting.  He and his partner have spent the past few years building their home from the frame of an old farmhouse.  When he retires, Jim hopes to open a shop where they can build grandfather clocks and furniture.

When asked what one thing he would like members to know about him, Jim responded, “I take my responsibility to our members seriously and strive to represent everyone equally and with dignity.”

Jim and his partner have four adult children, all of whom are “college graduates and strong union supporters.” The family is expecting its first grandchild at any time now.

Thank you for your service, Jim!

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