PELRB Considers SEA Unfair Labor Practice Petitions

Today, the NH Public Employee Labor Relations Board (PELRB) is considering two unfair labor practices complaints the SEA filed in December against the NH State Liquor Commission.  The first was filed following the release of a memo that unilaterally declared the agency’s part-time employees are not public employees.  The second complaint focuses on union animus, which relates to negative actions taken against employees in response to their union activity.  In other words, you assert your rights through union representation – you get punished; you are active in your union – you get punished.

Matters related to union animus seldom receive positive decisions from the PELRB, as it is difficult to prove management’s motives for taking such actions. Regardless of the likelihood of a positive outcome, SEA filed the petition because the NHSLC’s actions were egregiously unfair and retaliatory by nature.  The wretched treatment of Liquor Store employees’ had to be brought forward.

Cindy Sanborn, an SEA steward and NHSLC employee told members at the SEA Annual Convention about the poor treatment she and other SEA members were receiving.  She pleaded for help, which was especially moving because she had come to address the Convention just days after major surgery.  Watch Cindy’s address here.  After you watch Cindy’s video, you can sign a petition in support of NHSLC employees here.

It is important for us to keep asserting our workplace rights, even when the odds of a win are not in our favor.  If we do not continue to do so, we signal that we are giving up, which we must never do. Those who came before us worked too long and hard to establish these rights.  It is up to us to maintain, update and improve them.

We will update you on the PELRB’s rulings when they are available.

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