President Lacey’s Comments on Prison Bid Decision

In the wake of the state’s decision to drop its bid to privatize prisons here in New Hampshire, SEA President Diana Lacey had this response:

The outcome, at the moment, is still cloaked significantly in secrecy based on the prior Legislature’s rush to the alter with this notion of for profit imprisonment.  Taxpayer money was spent on it and yet no transparent public policy debate in support of the concept occurred, and more may be spent again and again with the same secrecy surrounding the work if we do not adopt an affirmative policy on this issue once and for all.  Despite the secrecy, the NH PrisonWatch Coalition spent the months that taxpayers were held in suspense providing a statewide informative look into for profit imprisonment, and ultimately sought HB443 to definitively and transparently create public policy on this issue.  We hope the Senate will choose to shut the door, finally, on for profit imprisonment in NH by passing HB443.

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