Heroes Come In All Shapes, Sizes, and Ages, Too!


Kaleb Hibbard shoots hoops and saves lives.

Little did member Jeanne Hibbard-Bickford, Chapter 40, know that when she returned from running errands, her son would have saved her husband’s life.  Kaleb Hibbard, Jeanne’s 8th grade son sprang into action when his father began choking on a piece of pot roast. When he heard his dad choking, he rushed to his aid, employing the Heimlich maneuver he had learned earlier this year as a Belmont Middle School student.

“I heard the coughing. At first I thought nothing of it,” recalled Kaleb. He thought the coughing was from “Angel,” the family dog. When he heard his dad banging on a desk, though, he realized something was wrong.

“I am extremely proud of him for acting so responsibly without panicking,” said Jeanne.  “And, I thank his teacher, Linda Farrell.” Ms. Farrell teaches at Belmont Middle School. “She goes above and beyond the standard curriculum in her class.  That’s what makes a great teacher.  In just the last year, things she has taught her students have saved lives.  She mentioned another student who saved a sibling in crisis.  “She will be greatly missed,” added Jeanne.  Ms. Farrell plans to retire after completing this school year.

“I’m just glad I saved him,” said Kaleb, who said he went back to watching the basketball game on Saturday night once the excitement had ebbed.

“I’m just glad he was paying attention in school that day,” said Everett, Jeanne’s husband.

The Laconia Daily Sun reported on this story.  You can read their account here.

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