Finance Committee Votes Thumbs Down on Prison Privatization Ban

Tuesday, April 16, the Senate Finance Committee recommended HB 443 inexpedient to legislate along party lines.  This negative recommendation came despite an effort by Sen. Sylvia Larsen to amend the bill. A full Senate vote on the bill is expected next week.

HB 443, which bans private prisons in NH, is a bill we have been closely following and supporting.  SEA is part of NHPrisonWatch, a coalition of organizations that oppose prison privatization.  Despite this legislative loss, the issue of outsourcing NH prisons is off the table for now.  The Department of Corrections and the Dept. of Administrative Services dropped the bid to privatize following the release of a report from a consultant that reviewed proposals for for-profit prison expansion and capacity that the state received last year. (You can find the consultant’s report and the state’s report here.)

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