Old Hat and Emerging Workplace Leaders Attend Summer Labor Institute

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Thirteen SEA members recently graduated from the Northern New England Council’s 2013 Summer Labor Institute in South Portland, Maine. Over the course of three days, they attended hours of instruction in leadership skills they may now apply as they help support and strengthen our Local.

The Northern New England Council is a regional coalition of SEIU Locals from NH and Maine. Representatives from each participating Local have members on the NNEC Board and together they plan training programs each year. Each Local participates and sends members, who show promise and commitment to the labor movement, to become more involved in leadership roles within our respective Locals. Nearly 50 members graduated from this year’s program.

This summer’s program included two separate program tracks for members. Track One was a basic level training that included much discussion about the history of union activity in the U.S., and the future of the labor movement. It also focused on identifying work needed in each local to help mobilize and grow the membership. They worked collaboratively to create a work plan for a specific campaign to implement in their home Locals.

Track Two was developed with the more seasoned members in mind. The main focus of their instruction was developing the skills necessary to serve as a mentor for newer members; and how to move members from being “in name only” to engaged and participatory.

At the end of the program the two tracks came together and the Track One participants explained their work plans to Track Two participants who provided feedback on the plans.

SEA/Local 1984 attendees represented three different bargaining units and numerous Executive Branch agencies.

If you would be interested in attending a future training of this nature, please let your Field Representative know.

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