Ride Raises $1,700 for Memorial Upkeep

A motorcycle ride organized by an SEA member raised $1,700 on Saturday to help pay for the upkeep of the New Hampshire Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Concord.

The motorcycle ride stuck to back roads and looped around through Concord, Contoocook, Salisbury and Franklin.

The motorcycle ride stuck to back roads and looped around through Concord, Contoocook, Salisbury and Franklin.

The annual ride is organized by the NHTI Criminal Justice Club, and began and ended at the college. Steve O’Donnell, an SEA member and the club’s faculty adviser, said the ride has raised $5,000 in its first four years. The fruits of those efforts were evident as the group of 43 bikes began its ride Saturday, O’Donnell said.

“As we rode by the memorial Saturday, I was impressed by how nice it was looking,” O’Donnell said. The memorial, which was dedicated in 1998, sits in front of the Legislative Office Building on North State Street in Concord.

“It’s rewarding knowing you’ve been a part of helping maintain it,” he said.

The ride cost $25 per bike, and included breakfast and a barbecue lunch. The threat of foul weather deterred some from coming out, but O’Donnell said donations helped make for a successful year. In particular, O’Donnell praised the Nam Knights, a motorcycle group of military veterans and police officers, who donated $750 to the cause.

O’Donnell was also quick to offer praise to others, including the law enforcement officers who escorted riders, the helpful college grounds crews and security officers, and past and present members of the Criminal Justice Club. In an email to those who took part in the ride, O’Donnell said he gets too much credit for the event.


SEA member and NHTI Professor Steve O’Donnell, center, stands with two former students, Nick Kelley, left, of Bristol police and Andy Phillips of Sanborn police after the ride. Kelley and Phillips graduated in 2013 and returned to help with the ride.

“I believe that I do my share of the work, but it is the rest of you that are responsible for the success this program has enjoyed over the last four years,” he said. “I do keep track and since the start of this ride four years ago, our donations to the Memorial Fund now total $5,000. It is all of you, the riders and workers alike, that should be acknowledged and deserve the credit. Thank you all for what you done to create this endeavor and make it such a success.”

Forecasts called for heavy rain in the afternoon, so O’Donnell shortened the ride.

“We had planned to go out the Seacoast, but instead we did a 60-mile ride around Concord, Contoocook, Salisbury, Franklin and back down to the school,” he said. “We were able to get everybody back on the road home before the rain even started.”

SEA Board Member Germano Martins took part in the ride for the second time this year.

“We had slightly fewer people, however it was a good event and it was successful in the end,” Martins said.

“I thought the event was very well organized, down to every minute detail, and the barbecue was great … plenty of food,” he said.

O’Donnell said the Criminal Justice Club still has T-shirts left for sale from the ride. The club sells the shirts to help pay for the food they serve the bikers. O’Donnell said he has long- and short-sleeve shirts available in small, medium, large, XL and XXL sizes starting at $5 each. If you’d like a shirt, you can email him at odonl@comcast.net.

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