Medicaid Expert to Speak at Stewards Committee Meeting

All SEA Stewards Are Welcome to Attend

Deb Fournier of the NH Fiscal Policy Institute will speak about Medicaid expansion and the Affordable Care Act at the SEA’s Steward Committee meeting on Thursday, Aug. 22. The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. and is open to all stewards; food will be provided.

Fournier is a recognized expert on Medicaid expansion and the ACA and will speak to the programs’ impact on Granite Staters.  She will provide an overview of the programs, the current status of implementation efforts and answer questions.

Rich Gulla, chair of the Stewards Committee and a member of the Board of Directors, said it’s important for stewards to know the facts.

“As worksite leaders, stewards frequently field questions about the ACA and the potential impact to the health insurance of state workers,” Gulla said. “There are far too many sound bites and mischaracterizations of the program. We need to be able to share accurate information with our colleagues.”

If you’d like to attend the Aug. 22 meeting, Gulla has asked that you RSVP to him at so that we can order enough food.

The Steward Committee is a forum to discuss challenges stewards face in helping members file grievances and appeals, and develop and recommend policies that affect stewards. Most importantly, it’s a great venue for stewards to network and gather information about changes – the ACA, for example — that impact all members.

Going forward, the committee plans to bring in subject-matter experts to advance members’ understanding of issues, fostering healthy dialogue in our work sites.

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