Former SEA member and Dept. of Education Leader Running for Public Office

SEA Has Endorsed Mary Heath for State Representative in Manchester’s Ward 7

Based on the SEA Political Education (Poli-Ed) Committee’s recommendation, the SEA Board of Directors voted to endorse candidate Mary Heath in her bid for state representative in Manchester’s Ward 7.  The election is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 17.

Heath, a former SEA member, visited with the Poli-Ed Committee on Aug. 12 and spent more than an hour conversing with the committee members.

Former SEA member Mary Heath has been endorsed  by the union in her race for state represent Manchester's Ward 7 in the House of Representatives.

Former SEA member Mary Heath has been endorsed by the union in her race for state represent Manchester’s Ward 7 in the House of Representatives.

She previously worked for the Department of Education in both classified and unclassified positions, and also spent 26 years teaching in Manchester.  She is now retired and recently filled her time by campaigning for President Obama and Gov. Maggie Hassan.

This is Heath’s first race, but public service seems to run in her family. Both her mother and father served in the NH state Legislature, and her sister is Kathy Sullivan, former chairwoman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Her grandfather was a custodian in a Manchester school.

Contrary to the claims of some, Heath does not believe the state has a spending problem.

“I had to cut and cut the budget with tears in my eyes, knowing how badly this would affect people,” she said of her experience as Deputy Commissioner at the Department of Education. “What we really need is more revenue in the state of New Hampshire.”

Through her first-hand experience working for a state agency, Heath learned that “we need more state employees.”

“My big worry is that we are asking them to do more than is humanly possible,” she said. “People have so much on their plates already.  As a state system, we need to think about our state workers and all they do.”

Heath prides herself in her ability to bring people together to find compromise and solutions to challenges.  If you live in Ward 7 (see map here) of Manchester, we encourage you to get out and vote for Mary Heath next Tuesday at St. Anthony Community Center, 148 Belmont St.


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