Help Find Jonathan Zygmont

The two following Facebook posts by David Zygmont, our union brother, provide insight into Jonathan (Jon) and where he might be found.

Posted Sept. 22, 2013

As many of you know Jon has yet to be located. For those of you following the news reports you also know that marine search efforts were discontinued at dusk Friday. Because some of our leads are coming as a result of his sister Lauren’s posts here on Facebook I need to ask my friends for a few things.

For those of you who have the honor of knowing Jon and Lauren you know them to be two of the finest human beings on the planet. Often they put the needs of others before their own. Now Jon needs you.

I’ve posted a couple of pictures. One was taken of Jon, Arlo and I sending birthday wishes to Lauren on September 8th of this year in the parking lot adjacent to Hall House on the UNH campus. Another is on our way up to Tuckerman Ravine this spring. The other is one I took of Jon and Arlo on Mossilauke – (other than hiking into a remote mountain trout pond – one of his favorite hikes). I think it was taken early last fall. Please, take a moment and look deeply into Jon’s face – and if you are the praying type summon up the most powerful prayer you can and send it his way. If you’re not the praying type – look deeply into his face and summon all the positive energy you can muster and send it his way.

News descriptions of his physical appearance are accurate except for his weight. He is fluctuating between 140 and 145. If he has left the area – and has his mother has been quoted in the press– he maybe he heading west – and I would add south, including destinations of New Mexico and west – South Dakota. He will likely not be in a fast food restaurant or mall (save an outdoor store or fly fishing shop). If he were to pass close you would sense a feeling of comfort and good energy. He would hold the door open for you and immediately bend over and pick up something you dropped. He would bend over and scratch your dog’s chest and behind his ears – in response your dog would wag his tale and put on a happy face. He is intolerant of the stronger picking on the weak and if everything else first failed – access his 4th degree black belt to resolve the issue. You won’t see him eating a bag of Fritos – more likely a piece of locally grown GMO free fruit – tap water instead of bottled – giving his last piece of food to a passing fellow thru hiker…you get the picture.

As Chief Dean has been quoted in the press Jon is NOT in any trouble. We just want to know that he is safe. We are respectful of his journey and that it is his alone. If an immigration agent were to find him working picking strawberries on an organic farm somewhere he is just going to tell Jon that those who love him need to know that he is safe and would he please call.

A few last things; please pass this post onto your friends and they theirs. This morning please don’t forget to tell those close to you that you love them – that they are the most important thing in the world to you. Share your deepest fears and anxieties with a trusted confidant – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

If no one has told you yet this morning that they love you, let me be the first: I love you.

Posted September 23

Jon is still missing. It will be a week tonight. Although his prom picture is a great picture of him, he’s not the suit type if you know what I mean. I posted some pictures of him as he usually presents. The one below of him on our way up to Tuckerman this spring is totally Jon, unfortunatley you can’t really see his face.

Jon’s mom and I are incredibly grateful for everything that Paul Dean, the Chief of Police at UNH – and his staff (including Rev. Larry Bricner-Wood) are doing to find Jon. We have NEVER encountered a group of harder working, competent, caring, compassionate group of law enforcement professionals in our lives. If you have family members who are part of the UNH community know that these guys have their backs. They also give out great hugs (sorry guys – ticket me).

Please keep the thought of Jon on your mind and keep passing along any information you can and thank you all for your efforts, kind words and love. 800-922-8201.

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