Safety Book Sale Raises More for Operation Santa Claus

Workers at the Department of Safety held a book sale last Friday to raise money for Operation Santa Claus. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the second time they’ve done it this year.

Janice-Ann Sinclair, an accounting technician at Safety and Chapter 40 member, helped organize both book sales. She said this sale was another success.

“It went pretty good,” she said. “The total that we made was $162.65.”

Sinclair said a local library would take eight boxes, and in turn donate $20 for Operation Santa Claus; a library volunteer donated another $10. Also, she said a woman would come by later to pick up the remaining video tapes. All told, that will bring the fundraising total to more than $200, which will be used to sponsor children this year. Combining that with the $251.25 raised earlier this year, Sinclair said Safety will now be able to sponsor four or five more children.

That, she said, is in addition to the children that individuals and different divisions at Safety sponsor.

“As an agency, we try to take on as many as we can,” she said.

Though they sold many items at the book sale, Sinclair said they have 30 boxes left. She said the books were up for grabs if another agency wanted to hold its own book sale.

“We are only asking for a donation which will go to Operation Santa Claus,” she said.

Sinclair wanted to thank all who purchased and donated items, along with the Operation Santa Claus Committee members who helped out, including Linda Farrell, John Farrell, Carol Walter, Jeanette Patten, Barbara Lillios, Carol Beaudoin, Hester Langley and Jeannie Hibbard-Bickford.

If you or your agency is holding a fundraiser for Operation Santa Claus, please be sure to let us know by sending an email to We’ll gladly publicize all fundraisers in SEA emails, on our website and on Facebook.

If you’d like to sponsor a child (or children), you can download the sponsor form here: If you’d like to volunteer or make a donation, you can contact Linda Farrell at

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