SEA, Gov. Hassan Launch ACA Education Collaboration

Gov. Maggie Hassan and the State Employees’ Association of NH (SEA) announced today a joint initiative to help inform NH residents about the many changes and benefits becoming available through the next implementation phase of the Affordable Care Act, beginning tomorrow, October 1.

Governor Hassan has been committed to expanding affordable health insurance coverage in New Hampshire throughout her public service.  As governor, she has been a strong proponent of efforts to reduce cost and improve quality coverage, such as expanding Medicaid coverage so that thousands of hard-working families will have access to quality health care.

“No family should have to choose between paying the rent and receiving necessary medical care,” Hassan said. “With the Marketplace, hard-working New Hampshire families and individuals will be able to choose from a series of health insurance products and access coverage at more affordable rates, which will lead to stronger health and financial well-being for people across the Granite State.”

Beginning this week, state employee volunteers and SEA staff will begin a series of state worksite visits throughout NH to begin educating members about the newly opened NH Marketplace and how to sign-up for one of the plans that, as of tomorrow, will be available through Anthem.

“Even though the majority of SEA members already receive health insurance through their employer,” said Diana Lacey, SEA President, “there are thousands of members, particularly DOT and NH Liquor Commission employees, who are in part-time positions and do not have any access to health benefits.  They will now be able to get the coverage and peace of mind that brings.”

The SEA also represents adjunct (part-time) faculty members at the Community College System of NH and Plymouth State University. These members, too, will now have access to health insurance.

In addition to state worksites, the SEA plans to host a number of meetings and house parties that are open to members’ families and friends as part of the campaign.

“Every one of our members has family, neighbors, or friends who do not have health insurance,” Lacey said. “We share the Governor’s belief that everyone should be able to visit a doctor when they are sick, or have the medicine they need to help manage chronic disease. We are pleased to be working in collaboration with the Governor on this important campaign.”

The SEA has a long history of advocating for a healthy and financially secure middle class.  “That extends beyond our membership.  In lifting up all families, we will have a stronger and more vibrant NH population and economy,” said Lacey.

Open enrollment for the NH Marketplace begins October 1, 2013 thru March 31, 2014. Coverage will begin on January 1, 2014. If interested in signing up at the NH Marketplace visit www  Check for a calendar of education sessions near you.

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