Public Hearing Tonight to Set 2014 HealthTrust Rates

Later today the “LGC” will be holding the second of two public hearings on the 2014 Rate Settings for the HealthTrust. The first session was held at 9:00 a.m. today. It is expected that the HealthTrust Board of Directors will propose to raise the rates again.

Many SEA members employed by towns and municipalities receive their health insurance through HealthTrust; and Executive and Judicial Branch members, as well as retirees, currently receive their prescription benefits through HealthTrust.  The Board’s decision regarding raising rates, yet again, will definitely impact thousands of families across the state for the worse.

For years, HealthTrust has seen a surplus – leftover money paid by employees and taxpayers for health insurance that wasn’t actually needed.  Yet they continue to raise the rates for insurance benefits. This means they raise rates higher than necessary, year after year, and then hold on to your money.  Chances are, even if you don’t get benefits now from HealthTrust, you are still paying more as a taxpayer for your town’s own employee benefits, thanks to HealthTrust’s expansive business with municipalities.

This is not only unfair, it is wrong.  And we need to tell them so. This evening’s hearing will provide you the opportunity to have your voice heard.  Following the presentation, public comments will be heard.  The hearing begins at 5:30 p.m. at 25 Triangle Place in Concord.

Join us tonight at 5 p.m. to gather in front of the meeting place. Tell the LGC that enough is enough; it is time to give us our money back and stop overcharging us for healthcare. The LGC spends your hard earned money on high priced attorneys to help them get away with raking workers and taxpayers over the coals for healthcare.  Please tell the Board of Directors how you feel about the games they are playing and how their decisions impact your life.  If you’re not keen on public speaking, come anyway and help us prove to the Board of Directors that workers and taxpayers care about this issue – and the game is over!

Please contact Brian Hawkins at 603-271-3411 x120 or if you plan to attend.

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