Members Take Trip to Mohegan Sun

SEA’s Social Activities Committee Planning More Outings

The SEA’s Social Activities Committee had a nearly full bus for its day trip last weekend to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, according to committee chair Tammy Clark.

“It went really well,” Clark said of the trip. “It was really successful. We had 53 out of 56 seats filled.”

The trip went well enough that Clark said the committee was planning more in the future.

“Members said they really appreciated it,” she said. “They were excited and wanted to do it again.”

Judy Walden, an SEA member who works at DHHS, said it was her first time visiting Mohegan Sun.

“It was great,” Walden said. “The bus ride down was comfy and they had movies. The casino itself was awesome.”

“It was just a fun day, and the price was right,” she said.

Planning trips as a group enables the Social Activities Committee to get deals that you might not get on your own. On this trip, attendees got bus transportation, a $15 food voucher and a $10 betting coupon — all for only $30.

Walden said she was hoping the committee organized a trip to New York City, something Tammy Clark said is in the works. Also in the works, Clark said, is an event next summer.

“We’re looking at an outing, a play and stay, at a campground up in Campton,” she said. “People can do just about everything from mini golf to tubing down the river. We’ll have a barbecue, too.”

Clark said the committee wants to know what kinds of outings members are interested in, and the committee is preparing a survey.

“We’re going to have a paper survey at convention, and we’ll follow that up with an online survey for anyone who’s not at convention,” she said, noting that the group wants as much feedback as possible.

We’ll send out that online survey in the SEA News and Notices once it is completed.

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