LMCs Can Each Have Page on SEA Website

HHS Is First to Have its Own Page; Others Encouraged to Follow Suit

Labor management committees, or LMCs, can help improve the overall labor relations climate by opening up lines of communication that are sometimes closed after contract negotiations end. The SEA would like to help spread the word about LMCs by giving each one a page on our website, www.seiu1984.org.

The agency-wide LMC at the Department of Health and Human Services is the first to have its own page, which includes bios and contact info for all LMC members. You can find that page here. If you work at DHHS, you’re encouraged to bring any workplace-specific issues to LMC members, even if you’re not really sure it’s something that the LMC would normally handle.

If you’re part of an LMC at another agency or worksite and you’d like to have your own page, you can email Communication Administrator Beth D’Ovidio at bdovidio@seiu1984.org to start the process.

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