NH DHHS’ Labor Management Committee Shares with Group

The second panel at the annual convention was composed of DHHS Labor Management Committee members.  They explained the many benefits of having a labor management committee and the measures they have taken to try to provide members with knowledge of their existence and positive results.  Co- chairs Heather Fairchild, Chapter 16 and Mary Fields, Chapter 45 shared that their LMC includes six different chapters and has been operating for six years. “At first, management ran the meetings,” said Fields. She explained that has evolved and now an agenda is established jointly. “We work well amongst ourselves. We communicate often, so we work cohesively. We work well with management and we are making gains.”

“One of the strengths, I believe,” said John Hattan, “is we are represented by a diverse work force.”

The LMC has recently been re-structured. It now includes three additional chair persons – Laurie Aucoin from NH Hospital; Mike Fitzpatrick from SYSC; and Cheryl Towne from Glencliff home.  There are regular LMC meetings at each of those worksites.

The DHHS LMC has established its own page on the SEA website.  “All members’ photos are there, as well as their bios,” said Fields. “We are a large agency, and we think this will help members recognize who we are and how we can help.” If your LMC would like to create a similar page, please contact Beth D’Ovidio at bdovidio@seiu1984.org.

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