Slow Down as the Snow Comes Down

Remember to slow down and be patient when you see snow plows out on the roads this winter. The state employee driving that truck will thank you.

It’s not even technically winter yet, but we’ve already seen some snow bone-chilling cold. With another storm on the horizon for this weekend, it’s a good time to remember how much our amazing DOT road crews do to keep the roads clear and safe.

SEA member Peg Smith made the news Monday as crews prepared to tackle the first widespread snowy, icy conditions of this season.

“We were told a couple of inches of snow, and that’s what I’m preparing us for now,” Smith told WMUR. “Every truck has been called in, and we’re loading them up with salt.”

As the plows headed out to the highways, Smith asked for a little patience from drivers, saying that by necessity, plows have to travel at slow speeds.

“We can only go 25 mph or salt will bounce farther off the road, and that doesn’t help anybody,” Smith said. “So 25 mph keeps the salt right behind the truck on the ground.”

We mention the DOT crews not just because of the snow, but because the legislative session is set to begin in less than a month and again, lawmakers are playing politics with the jobs of hard-working DOT employees. An increase in the gas tax – which hasn’t been raised in N.H. since the first George Bush was president – is needed to keep our roads and bridges safe.

Republican Senators last year rejected a gas tax increase, but this year, a Republican senator has proposed an increase of his own. This promises to be a big issue in the next legislative session, so you can expect to hear much more about it. For now, drive safe and be sure to be respectful of plow drivers as you head off to enjoy the holidays.

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