2014 SEA/SEIU Local 1984 endorsed candidates

The SEA/SEIU Local 1984 has endorsed candidates in federal, state and county races. SEA/SEIU Local 1984 member candidates are identified by a bold letter M next to their names; candidates affiliated with other unions are identified by a bold letter L next to their names.

You can view endorsements by town by clicking here.

Federal offices

U.S. Senate Jeanne Shaheen
U.S. Rep. D1 Carol Shea-Porter
U.S. Rep. D2 Ann McLane Kuster


Maggie Hassan

Executive Council

1 Mike Cryans
2 Colin Van Ostern
3 Robin McLane
4 Chris Pappas
5 Diane Sheehan

County elections

Rockingham County Attorney Joe Plaia M
Rockingham County Sheriff Mike Downing L
Rockingham County Commissioner D.1 Kevin St. James L
Belknap County Commissioner David Pollak
Strafford County Sheriff David Dubois

State Senate

1 Jeff Woodburn
2 Carolyn Mello L
3 John White
4 David Watters
5 David Pierce
6 Richard Leonard
7 Andrew Hosmer
8 Linda Tanner L
9 Lee Nyquist
10 Molly Kelly
12 Peg Gilmour
13 Bette Lasky
14 Sharon Carson
15 Dan Feltes
16 Maureen Raiche Manning
16 David Boutin
17 Nancy Fraher L
18 Donna Soucy M
19 Kristi St. Laurent
20 Lou D’Allesandro
21 Martha Fuller-Clark
23 Donna Schlachman
24 Chris Muns

State House

Belk 1 Ruth Gulick
Belk 2 Nancy Frost M
Belk 2 Lisa DiMartino
 Belk 3 Tom Dawson M
Belk 3 Mo Baxley M
Belk 3 David Huot
Belk 4 Ian Raymond
Belk 4 Dennis Fields
Belk 5 Deb Chase L
Belk 9 Beth Arsenault
Belk 8 Peter Bolster
Car 2 Tom Buco L
Car 6 Louise Graham L
Ches 1 Paul Berch
Ches 1 Lucy Weber
Ches 3 Daniel Eaton
Ches 7 Gladys Johnson L
Ches 8 Cindy Chase L
Ches 9 Richard Ames
Ches 9 Doug Ley L
Ches 10 Marge Shepardson L
Ches 11 Susan Emerson
Ches 13 Henry Parkhurst L
Ches 15 Bruce Tatro
Coos 2 Wayne Moynihan
Coos 3 Robert Theberge
Coos 4 Herb Richardson
Coos 5 John Tholl Jr. M
Graf 13 Andy White L
Hill 1 Marjorie Porter L
Hill 2 Ellen J. Dokton M
Hill 2 Arnold Rocklin-Weare M
Hill 3 John Manley L
Hill 4 Kermit Williams
Hill 7 Jeremy Dupuis M
Hill 7 David Danielson
Hill 7 Brendon Browne L
Hill 8 Jeff Goley L
Hill 9 William O’Neil L
Hill 9 Linda DiSilvestro L
Hill 10 Pat Long L
Hill 11 Robert Walsh
Hill 14 Mary Freitas L
Hill 14 Mary Heath M
Hill 16 Barbara Shaw L
Hill 16 Dave McCloskey L
Hill 18 Patricia Cornell L
Hill 19 Bob Backus L
Hill 21 Brenda Ellen Grady L
Hill 21 JoAnn Rotast L
Hill 24 Peter Leishman
Hill 26 Melanie Levesque
Hill 28 Sylvia Gale M
Hill 29 Peggy McCarthy L
Hill 29 Suzanne Vail
Hill 30 Mariellen MacKay
Hill 31 David Cote
Hill 31 Mary Gorman
Hill 31 Pam Brown
Hill 32 Rita Gail MacAuslan M
Hill 32 Ray Labrecque L
Hill 33 Troy Saunders L
Hill 34 Tim Soucy L
Hill 36 Linda Harriott Garthright
Hill 36 Mike O’Brien L
Hill 37
Charlene Takasian
Hill 37 Alejandro Urrutia
Hill 42 Dan Sullivan L
Hill 42 Ken Snow
Hill 43 Ben Baroody L
Hill 44 Mark Proulx L
Hill 45 Jane Beaulieu
Hill 45 Carlos Gonzalez
Merr 3 Deborah Wheeler M
Merr 3 Leigh Webb L
Merr 5 David Kidder
Merr 6 Geoffrey Hirsch L
Merr 6 Barbara French L
Merr 8 Caroletta Alicea M
Merr 9 Howard Moffett M
Merr 9 George Saunderson
Merr 10 Mary Jane Wallner
Merr 10 Mel Myler L
Merr 13 June Frazer L
Merr 14 Jim MacKay
Merr 15 Linda Kenison M
Merr 19 Christy Bartlett M
Merr 20 Dianne Schuett M
Merr 20 Richard DeBold M
Merr 20 David Doherty L
Merr 21 Denis Beaudoin L
Merr 21 Mary Frambach
Merr 22 Al Turcotte M
Merr 23 Dennis D’Ovidio M
Merr 23 Robert Martel L
Merr 23 Anne Baier
Merr 26 Lorrie Carey
Merr 28 Katherine Rogers
Merr 29 Nancy Heath
Rock 1 Tom Chase L
Rock 2 Carol Ann Levesque L
Rock 4 James Devine
Rock 5 Lisa Whittemore
Rock 5 Gary Vermillion L
Rock 6 Bobby Jones L
Rock 6 Jim Webb L
Rock 6 Phyllis Katsakiores
Rock 8 Camron Iannalfo L
Rock 8 Dennis Iannalfo L
Rock 8 Fred Doucette L
Rock 9 Barbara Helmstetter
Rock 13 David Welch L
Rock 13 Peter Coffin L
Rock 14 Harlan Cheney L
Rock 17 Mike Cahill
Rock 21 Renny Cushing L
Rock 25 Laura Pantelakos
Rock 30 Jackie Cali-Pitts L
Rock 32 Maureen Mann L
Rock 33 Steve Woitkun Sr. L
Rock 34 Joel Saren L
Rock 35 Bob Hall L
Rock 37 E. Elaine Ahearne
Stra 1 Candace Cole-McCrea M
Stra 1 Larry Brown L
Stra 3 Bob Perry M
Stra 3 Ellen Phillips L
Stra 3 David Bickford
Stra 4 Jackie Cilley
Stra 6 Tim Horrigan
Stra 7 Audrey Stevens
Stra 12 Pam Hubbard M
Stra 17 Peter Bixby L
Stra 18 Deanna Rollo L
Stra 18 Roger Berube L
Stra 20 Thomas Southworth L
Stra 21 Ken Ward L
Sull 3 Andrew Scott O’Hearne L
Sull 4 Larry Converse L
Sull 7 Jim Grenier L
Sull 8 Cynthia Sweeney
Sull 9 Virginia Irwin
Sull 10 John Cloutier


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