House Committee Holds Hearing
on Expanded Gaming Bill

Casinos Would Bring in Much-Needed Revenue, Jobs, Economic Growth

A Senate committee this week approved its version of an expanded gaming bill (SB 366), and will now wait to see what action the House will take on its version. That House version, HB 1633, is a direct offshoot of the Gaming Regulatory Oversight Authority. As such, it includes airtight regulations that will govern all application, licensing and operating decisions. This week, the House Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing on this bipartisan bill, at 9 a.m. Thursday in Rooms 202-204 of the Legislative Office Building.

The SEA supports expanded gaming for several key reasons:

  • A casino would help put people back to work by bringing thousands of jobs to the state.
  • A casino will bring bring much needed revenue, an estimated $150 million each year, on top of an $80 million up-front licensing fee.
  • A casino would provide money to help treat problem gamblers, which is an issue regardless of whether we expand gaming.

“Executive Branch SEA members have been front and center in trying to help lift up NH priorities that working families need to thrive,” said SEA President Diana Lacey. “Job creation, quality public services and solid revenue increases are critically needed.”

It’s no secret that the Department of Transportation is running out of funding solutions, after years of patches and one-time fixes. These expanded gaming bills provide funding to the state, which could go to help with upkeep of our roads and bridges. As Transportation Commissioner Chris Clement has said, we’ve moved beyond the crisis stage and are approaching a catastrophe if we do nothing.

“We need members’ voices to get the legislature to hear how important the casino bill is to our families; the fight is real and the time to jump in to support this bill is now,” Lacey said.

It’s time for us to make our voices heard. We hope you’ll come out and show your support at the hearing for HB 1633 next Thursday.

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