Tell Me How to Avoid Deductibles (a.k.a. Site of Service Program)

There is a new Site of Service Program (expanded to more sites and growing), which is a resource of indentified providers that will offer services at lower costs to a degree that deductibles for services may be waived entirely. The Site of Service program includes lab or Ambulatory Service Centers (ASC) (out-patient surgical centers). In a nutshell: if your doctor suggests lab work or certain surgical procedures, and you choose to use one of the labs/surgical centers on Anthem’s Site of Service provider list, you may not be required to pay anything for the service – no out-of-pocket cost, no co-pay, no deductible. Note: Do your homework, though. Not all sites offer the same services.

Your deductible will be waived at these locations:  Independent labs in New Hampshire, including Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, Converge Diagnostic Services LLC, and NorDx, are part of Anthem’s Site of Service benefit option, as well as some hospital-based labs. This list is expected to grow as demand increases.

More information about the independent labs and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) that are part of Anthem’s Site of Service program may be explored on the Anthem website:

Labs cover the south, central and seacoast areas of the state fairly well. There are fewer Site of Service labs north of Laconia. However, the program is growing. Anthem is working to ensure that the whole state has access.

ASC’s are far less plentiful. Southern, central, and seacoast areas are fairly well covered, leaving western and north New Hampshire sparsely covered. Again, the program is growing.

Remember, SEA has a full-time staff member who can assist you with navigating these insurance changes and benefits. His name is Chris Porter and you may reach him at 603-271-3411 x134 or at



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