Featured Chapter 1 Member: Meet John Amrol

SEA Director and Chapter 1 member John Amrol poses for a photo during a dedication for flagpoles purchased by Chapter 1.

SEA Director and Chapter 1 member John Amrol poses for a photo during a dedication for flagpoles purchased by Chapter 1.

Last month, we started a new feature profiling Chapter 1 members — the SEA’s retirees — with a Q&A with Operation Santa Claus chairwoman Linda Farrell. This week, we continue to highlight the contributions of our retirees with a Q&A with current SEA Director, and past president, John Amrol.

Question: How long ago did you retire?

Answer: I retired Nov. 30, 1997, more than 16 years ago.

Q: Where did you work?

A: I started out at the N.H. Department of Public Works and Highways, and ended up at the N.H. Department of Transportation. I worked in Highway Design all of my tenure.

Q: How long did you work for the state?

A: I started on Sept. 6, 1953, more than 44 years.

Q: What was your most memorable moment (good or bad) working for the state?

A: There were several. I oversaw the rehabilitation of railroad/highway at grade crossings. Seeing the completion of each project and the safety improvements for the traveling public were my most memorable moments.

Q: What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to active employees?

A: Whatever you do, try to do it the best you can. Never be afraid to succeed in life. Always be positive.

Q: Are you active in Chapter 1? If so, what do you do?

A: I’m active within the chapter, attending monthly meetings updating the members of Board activities and monitoring legislative issues dealing with retirees’ health and prescription drug insurance. I try to attend some of the legislative hearings pertaining to retiree issues and the NH Retirement System, so I can report back to the members. I try to activate members to get involved in fighting to preserve their benefits.

Q: What do you do with your time since you retired?

A: Several years ago, I started to get involved with the union again. I am a member of the executive Board, holding the position of retired Director. I am chair of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee and the Retirement Committee, and I’m on the Finance and Resolutions Committees. I also oversee the SEA’s properties at 205 and 207 N. Main St., assisting the business administrator as needed.

I’m also on the Executive Board of the New Hampshire Federal Credit Union, chair one committee and am member of a second committee.

I also have friends and family that keep me busy.

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