Voters Approve 3 Municipal Chapter Contracts

Hampton, Exeter, Bedford Police Have New Deals

Congratulations are in order to your fellow SEA members, as voters this week approved contracts for three SEA/SEIU Local 1984 municipal units.

On Tuesday, voters in Exeter approved a new contract for town employees in Chapter 68, and voters in Hampton approved a new contract for town employees in Chapter 70. On Wednesday night, voters in Bedford approved a new contract for Bedford Police officers in Chapter 64.

Chapter 68 President Joe Pelchat, who drives a plow for the Exeter Department of Public Works, said the workers there had been out of contract for three years so step increases were frozen. He said there are modest raises in the contract, but those balance out with increased copays for prescription drugs and physician office visits. Moving forward, though, means that step increases and longevity pay are no longer frozen.

“It was very important for our membership to move on,” he said.

“Our paychecks were going back a bit, and this keeps that from happening,” Pelchat said.

All three contracts received strong support from voters. Pelchat said it’s good knowing voters are behind you.

“We’ve always gotten good support from them, and it’s nice to know that we’re supported in the community for what we do,” he said.

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