Medicaid Expansion – One Less State that Hasn’t Decided

This Tuesday, the House voted 202-132 to approve a bipartisan Senate plan, SB413, which allows the state to accept federal funds to expand health care access to 50,000 New Hampshire citizens. Thursday, Governor Hassan signed the bill into law, ending the state’s indecision regarding the opportunity provided through a key piece of the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

While this bill will have the same result as expanding the current Medicaid program, it is technically not the same, as the NH model uses the federal Medicaid funds to buy private health coverage for adults making less than 138 percent of the federal poverty limit, about $15,856 a year for a single adult.

Gov. Maggie Hassan said ‘‘This bipartisan plan is a uniquely New Hampshire solution and it exemplifies New Hampshire’s tradition of collective problem-solving, demonstrating what is possible when we remain focused on solutions and reach across the aisle to achieve progress for our people,’’ Gov. Hassan said in a statement.

In addition to providing health coverage to many of our friends, family and neighbors, the bill will reduce unfunded care,  create jobs and pump millions into the state economy.  State employees will be an integral part of a successful rollout of the law.  Watch for updated information.


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