Former SEA Rep Elected in Gilmanton

Steve McCormack, Who Retired in 2011, is Town’s Newest Selectman

When Steve McCormack retired from the SEA in 2011, the senior field representative thought that would be the end of any sort of political involvement for him.

McCormack, of Gilmanton, kept busy with typical retiree activities like working around the house and fishing, but eventually his mind turned to politics.

“I was originally going to run for the House of Representatives, but after talking with numerous people in town about the issues around here, I decided to run for selectman,” he said. “I felt I could do more initially.”

So McCormack started campaigning, touting his 21 years of military service and 26 years working at the SEA. Gilmanton voters must have liked what he had to say, because they elected him to a three-year term on the town’s Board of Selectmen.

“I’ve found it very interesting, and it’s been very educational, so far,” McCormack said. “Most don’t realize the time commitment it takes, and additionally the responsibility that goes with it.”

McCormack said that concerns of residents are similar to what they are in all towns — taxes and spending.

“People are quite concerned about the amount they pay in taxes and what they get for what they pay,” he said. “The town doesn’t have a lot of revenue-producing properties, so most of the taxes to run the town come from property owners.”

One way Gilmanton is not like other towns, McCormack said, is that more people are moving to town.

“The population in the school is growing, so it’s starting to experience some growing pains,” he said. “That’s not the case in other parts of the state.”

He said being a selectman requires creative solutions, given that much of what he deals with is set in policies and procedures.

“I decided that if I could get elected, I’d try to go down that road, trying to be creative and save taxpayers money,” he said.

McCormack said that he’s found that skills he picked up at the SEA have already come in handy in his new role.

“As a selectman, you’re in the higher levels of running the town, and you’re making management decisions,” he said. “It’s interesting working on the other side, so to speak, the management side.”

He encouraged more people to get involved in their communities.

“I believe all citizens should become more involved in how the affairs of their state, towns and other municipalities are run, so they can not only understand how our government runs, but to make our lives better,” he said.

“The short period of time that I’ve been in the position has been rewarding and educational, and I look forward to continuing to work for the citizens of Gilmanton,” McCormack said.

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