Health Buzz: Introducing a New Weekly Feature

Today we are introducing a new standing column called Health Buzz.  Here, you’ll find health information, tips and updates on matters related to your contractual health benefits. You are also invited to send questions you may have regarding your health benefits through our new “Ask Chris” email option. We will post answers to commonly posed questions in this column.

HealthBuzzToday, we are bringing good news to Executive Branch members who are diabetic, or have family members living with diabetes. Since the changeover to new medical benefits in January, some members had been denied coverage for diabetes management programs, previously covered by Anthem at 100 percent. After bringing this issue to Anthem’s attention, we can now confirm that the former policy has been re-established; along with nutritional counseling, diabetes management programs are fully covered, with no cost to members.

If you were previously charged for this type of preventive program, please contact Anthem on the state’s dedicated customer service number, and ask them to adjust and re-submit your diabetes management program claim(s).

Do you have any questions about your health benefits?  If so, send them to Chris Porter at and put “Ask Chris” in the subject line. Chris is our Compensation and Benefit Research Specialist, and will advocate for members who are experiencing challenges with their contracted medical benefits.

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