Rights and Privileges Lost When Not Part of a Bargaining Unit

There are some key differences between positions that are covered by the contract and ones that are not.  Here are just some of the differences, meaning rights and privileges that you would lose without your SEA contract:

  • access to supplemental sick leave when facing a serious health crisis
  • larger end of employment payouts at retirement
  • access to prior years’ service credit pertaining to annual leave accruals after a split in service
  • the ability to negotiate step increases when moving from one position to another
  • better protections against layoff
  • better sick dependent and bereavement leave
  • grandfathered bonus leave retention
  • increased bonus leave retention
  • an expanded definition of family for the purposes of sick dependent and bereavement leave
  • retroactive pay for delayed reclassifications
  • worker representational rights

These are meaningful differences in compensation and benefit packages that employees value. This should be carefully considered when deciding to take a position that is not covered by the CBA, or when undertaking new duties that may change your status as an employee.

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