Executive Branch Master Contract Bargaining, 2015-2017

SEA member participation in the process that eventually results in a new contract is key to a successful outcome.  We need to have a great plan in place!  To do that, we need strong, reliable and energized members that are willing to pitch in to make sure our collective voices are heard and responded to with real commitment.  Here are the concrete ways you can pitch in:

  • Volunteer to Join the Contract Action Team (CAT)!  We’re building a statewide network of worksite team members that will provide a consistent way for SEA members in worksites to get and give information about bargaining. The CAT will meet (or communicate) periodically during the summer and more frequently once negotiations begin.  The CAT will be an important support to the Master Bargaining Tea, (MBT) and Collective Bargaining Agreement Committee (CBAC), and will get information to/from SEA members in their worksite for rapid response.
  • Serve on the Master Bargaining Team (MBT)!  Although 11 of these seats are filled through elections held in the Collective Bargaining Senate’s June meeting, the process is easy to do and once you’re elected, you will have the closest view of bargaining – you will be at the table to help lead us to success.
  • Join the Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee (CBAC)! The committee members dig in to build a solid contract plan (the blueprint to secure a good contract), help survey SEA members to identify bargaining priorities, draft proposals for negotiations, and much more.  It meets once a month in the evening.
  • Serve on your Sub-Unit Bargaining Team (SUBT)!  Much like the MBT, sub-unit bargaining teams will work during the months of July and August to identify the issues SEA members in the sub-unit want negotiated.  SUBTs will develop sub-unit proposals over the summer, attend negotiation training in September and will represent employees at sub-unit negotiation sessions.
  • Participate in Collective Bargaining Senate Meetings (CBS)!  Bargaining unit chapter presidents, stewards, chapter councilors, MBT members, SUBT member chairs, the SEA Board of Directors and the CBAC members comprise the CBS and will vote on matters in meetings.  Other SEA members can attend CBS meetings to learn more about our progress.  The CBS meets periodically.

On June 16th, at 7:00 p.m. at the SEA office, we will take an important step forward and elect the new MBT.  Our new plan to successfully secure a new contract will be presented, as well as additional information about the return of the “Contract Action Team.” 

If you want to be a part of the next Executive Branch Master Bargaining Team, please complete the form found here and return it to the SEA office on or before June 12, 2014.

To kick off this new bargaining session, one of our biggest priorities is to show management, the state and legislators that we are solidly committed to this cause.  It’s time to ask agency fee payers to step up to the plate and officially join this union family!  We need wall-to-wall membership to go to the bargaining table with all of that energy and to show the state we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER to get a good new contract.  Our families deserve nothing less!

Find out who in your worksite is an agency fee payer, carry SEA membership cards with you, and make the ask!  We can help you do this, too!  All over the country, workers are taking to the streets and trying to join unions because they know they are powerful together.  It’s time to end the excuses and ask those co-workers to join and help make us stronger!


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