Members at Glencliff Know Their Numbers

Know Your NumbersEarlier this week, a team of medical professionals set up shop at Glencliff and conducted a Know Your Numbers screening for the nursing home staff, as well as area DOT workers.  The Know Your Numbers activity is one of the health and wellness activities that Executive and Judicial Branch members can participate in and earn the added benefit of having 100 points added to their HRA debit card.

“Glencliff recently established its own Labor Management Committee (LMC),” said Jim Nall, a nurse at Glencliff and SEA Director.  “This clinic is a direct result of having established that committee. While we work on a lot of difficult issues, this was something that both workers and management embraced.”

Jim says he would encourage any agency that has an LMC to participate jointly with management to bring a worksite Know Your Numbers clinic to the facility.  “It’s a win/win,” he said. “This is an area of common interest. Everyone wins when workers are taking care of their health.”

“I was very pleased when Jim approached me with this idea,” said Todd Bickford, Administrator at Glencliff.  “We are always happy to promote health among the staff. The better the employees’ health, the better their overall well-being, their mood, – it all translates into better patient care.”

The administration couldn’t have been more accommodating, said Jim.  “With their blessing I was allowed work time to promote the event with other staff members and educate them about the clinic, what to expect, the benefits of participating and to educate them about their health insurance and ways to mitigate the deductible that is new in this Executive Branch contract.”

Jim was also very complimentary toward Mike Loomis from the Dept. of Administrative Services.  “I called Mike and he completely availed himself to us in making this all happen for our facility.  He immediately sent me the materials I needed and was willing and able to answer any questions I had. And, the professionals from Hooper Holmes Health & Wellness were great, too. They were wonderful providing health counseling to employees and really put everyone at ease.”

“Having the clinic here was very convenient for me,” said Elaine Hanley, SEA member and LNA at Glencliff.  Elaine came to the clinic on her day off.  “My doctor is two hours away, which basically means I need to devote an entire day to going to the doctor to monitor my blood levels.  This was perfect, now I can relay the numbers to him without making the trip.”

Shauna BallShauna Ball, another SEA member at Glencliff, is an excellent role model for others. She has already made some of the behavioral changes recommended by health and wellness counselors and has dropped 30 pounds in a few months.  “I’ve taken steps to achieve my goals,” she said. “I’m watching what I’m eating. I also walk at lunch for 30 minutes every day.  I am riding my bike whenever I can, too.”

Investing time and effort in your health pays off.


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