Enrollment Has Begun for NH Health Protection Program

Thanks to recent changes in state law, affordable health care is now available to thousands of Granite state residents, including hundreds of part-time SEA/SEIU 1984 members, through the NH Health Protection Program (HPP). The enrollment period is now open for the low cost health benefits. Coverage is set to begin August 15.

Anyone aged 19-65 with incomes at or below $16,105 per year/$1,342 per month may qualify for the program.

The program is designed to fill the affordability gap in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) between those who qualify for traditional Medicaid and those whose income made them ineligible for a subsidized plan in the ACA’s marketplace.

The HPP is NH’s customized version of Medicaid expansion.  Not only is it designed to assist qualifying individuals that do not have access to affordable health insurance, if an income qualified individual has access to an employer sponsored health plan, the end product for the individual might well be that they are placed on the employer plan with the hpp covering eligible out of pocket costs and premium charges.

Unlike “traditional” Medicaid, this program is income-based only.

Virtually all medical services covered under the NH HPP are free; the exceptions are the modest co-pays some will pay for prescription drugs ($1-$4)

Initially, newly insured people without access to employer supplied insurance will be covered by the HPP’s “Bridge Program,” administered by one of the state’s managed Medicaid care organizations.

If/When the state is granted a waiver by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Bridge will move to marketplace coverage, similar to the ACA; this new enrollment period would begin October 15, 2015, with coverage beginning January 1, 2016.

There are four ways to apply:
Online: www.nheasy.nh.gov
Phone: 888-901-4999
Paper application: http://www.dhhs.nh.gov/dfa/apply.htm
ACA Marketplace at www.healthcare.gov

For more information: http://www.dhhs.nh.gov/ombp/nhhpp/index.htm

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