Public Workers Receiving Open Praise

In a sector where workers are often wrongfully stereotyped, criticized and maligned, it is good to celebrate when members of the general public appreciate their efforts. We have cause to do just that due to two recent letters to the editor we have seen in the Concord Monitor and the Union Leader.

The first was published in the Concord Monitor on June 10 and can be found at this link  (subscription may be required). It was titled Pleasant Day at DMV. It was written by someone who recently moved to NH from Minnesota. In it the writer said she was greeted at the front desk by some “very positive, outgoing staff and had another positive uplifting interaction with Marnie and Stephanie, who helped me finish processing my application…we live in a culture of constant criticism and blame, and it is my belief that when good work is done, it should also receive attention and acknowledgment.”

The second letter was published in the Manchester Union Leader on July 1. This writer complimented the workers at the Veterans’ facilities in Manchester and in Tilton saying “There is a lot of hubbub going on about the Veterans Administration hospitals and clinics… my experience for the past three years has been quite the contrary in Manchester and in Tilton. I have found the doctors, nurses, and other staff members to be pleasant, knowledgeable and patient. They are punctual with their appointments and explain things thoroughly.

Let everyone complain about Phoenix and other locations, but I say, “Three cheers for Manchester and Tilton VA!”

Kudos to all the public workers who cheerfully make meaningful contributions to the lives of NH’s citizens and visitors every day!

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