Members Take Active Role with CBA Survey

Nearly two months ago, we put out the first calls for members to get involved in the process of negotiating a new Executive Branch master contract. Member participation is essential in securing a new contract, and so far you’ve responded in great numbers by joining the bargaining team and Contract Action Team and taking part in a collective bargaining survey.

In June, members of the Collective Bargaining Senate elected a new Master Bargaining Team and the first of you signed up for the revitalized Contract Action Team. At the same time, the Senate authorized the survey, which was closed on Tuesday. In the month it was active, more than 1,900 of you responded, with the majority even taking the time to provide thoughtful answers to open-ended questions. For some perspective, a similar survey in 2012 netted less than 350 responses total.

“I’m really pleased with the significant increase in responses to the survey,” said Jim Nall, the Master Bargaining Team chair. “It indicates to me that people realize they have to take a more active role in the negotiating process if they want us to be successful in achieving a contract that’s going to meet their needs.”

He said the massive response to the survey shows that members are already involved and committed to truly getting  “all in to win” a strong contract. Nall said it was notable that even in the dead of summer, members have been so engaged and helped get the contract process moving forward.

Nall said he hopes member participation continues at this high level.  “I’m hoping that ideas will continue to come in to guide us along and make sure as many individual voices as possible are heard,” he said.

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