Meet the Master Bargaining Team: Linda Huard

Linda Huard

Linda Huard

As members in the Executive Branch Collective Bargaining Team continue preparations for the upcoming Master Contract negotiations, we have begun introducing you to your union brothers and sisters who will be negotiating that contract. Some of the faces on the Master Bargaining Team are new (see last week’s profile of team member Alisa Druzba), while others have served on the team previously. Member Linda Huard fits into that second category.

Huard, of Manchester, has been an SEA/SEIU Local 1984 member for a dozen years. In her work for the Department of Employment Security, she investigates and writes legal determinations on unemployment claims, which allows claims to be paid or denied based on state law. She said her experience with unemployment law, background as an HR generalist and knowledge of health benefits (she is a member of the SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Health Benefits Advisory Committee) will allow her to contribute strongly to the Master Bargaining Team.

“I believe in the bargaining process,” she said. “Workers’ rights are extremely important to me, and I felt that I could contribute towards getting a good, fair contract.”

In addition to her roles on the Master Bargaining Team and the Health Benefits Advisory Committee, Huard is a councilor, a member of the State Contract Labor Management Committee, the Collective Bargaining Senate, the Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee and serves as a steward.

When she’s not working or volunteering her time with her union, she said she spends time with her family, including her husband Denis, daughters Sara and Megan and grandchildren Parker and Amelia. She said she also spends time camping and working on renovation projects, and is active in her church and with the nonprofit Angel Fund.

Huard said in order to make a difference, you need to get involved, which she called the “power of one” — one individual makes a contribution, many make a difference.

“In order to solve anything, you need to stand up and be counted,” she said. “Get involved. It’s your contract, your future. It impacts your life and the lives of your family.”

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