Meet the Master Bargaining Team: Peg Smith

This week, we continue to introduce you to the Executive Branch Master Bargaining Team, by profiling another member who is new to the master contract bargaining process. Peg Smith, who has worked for the state for 19 years, is beginning her first term as a member of the Master Bargaining Team.

Peg Smith

On the job, Smith supervises a highway maintenance crew for the Department of Transportation. She and her crew, who are based out of Bedford, maintain and preserve our roads year round, allowing for safe travel of commuters, tourists and businesses. Now as a member of the Master Bargaining Team, she will work to deliver a solid contract so that her crew and other state employees can continue to deliver critical services.

Smith said she ran for the bargaining team because she wanted to contribute all she could to deliver a fair contract. She said her experience, including serving on the DOT’s labor management committee, Joint Loss Management Committee and as a steward, will help her in the bargaining process.

“My skills as a steward and a supervisor have enabled me to see both sides of a conflict, and find solutions,” Smith said.

Smith, who lives in Concord and cares for her elderly mother, said she spends her time outside of work cruising, boating and working on her photography. She said in her travels, she’s had the opportunity to view the labor movement as a whole, which impacts her goals for bargaining.

“I hope to achieve a contract that is not only fair for members but also sets a precedent for the middle class,” Smith said.

She reminds all of her colleagues, particularly those who may avoid getting involved, that we’re all in this process together.

“We can’t rely on any one person to speak for all of us,” Smith said. “There is strength in numbers and we must all be involved. Your future and the future of the next generation depends on us to fight for our rights.”

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