Member’s Son Wins SEIU Scholarship

PSU Senior Was One of 33 Selected in Lottery for $1,500 Award

Matthew St. Laurent, son of SEA member Wayne St. Laurent, has won a $1,500 SEIU Lottery Scholarship. The scholarship is one of 33 one-year, $1,500 awards that were available.

Wayne, who works as a highway maintainer for the Department of Transportation, said he spotted an announcement about the scholarship in an SEA notice back in the spring and told his son about it. Matt is entering his final year at Plymouth State University, where he majors in criminal justice. Wayne said Matt, who is the youngest of four siblings and the first to go to college, is planning to put his degree to use right away.

“He already has plans,” Wayne said. “He’s going to be moving to Massachusetts after graduation, where he’ll look for work as a police officer to start.”

In addition to working as a building manager at PSU during the school year, Matt is working upwards of 55 hours a week this summer at Kimball Farm Restaurant in their hometown of Jaffrey. Given that Matt is at Kimball Farm so much, it’s not surprising that’s where he was when he got the good news.

“I was working and I checked my email, and I saw I won the lottery,” Matt said.

After three years of school, Matt seems excited to finish his studies.

“I can’t wait to be done and out in the world putting my degree to use,” Matt said.

The money should be a big help for the hard-working youngest St. Laurent. As Wayne points out, “when school is twenty or thirty thousand dollars a year, every dollar helps.”

Matt agreed.

“It’s going to help out a ton,” he said. “I’m saving up as much as I can.”

Congratulations to Matt and the St. Laurent family. We wish you good luck in your final year at Plymouth State.

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