Honeymoon Rescue

Ryan and Meaghan Beauschesne

Ryan and Meaghan at their wedding in Meredith, NH

SEA member and steward, Ryan Beauchesne and his bride, Meaghan will have quite the honeymoon story to tell to future generations – the tale of how Ryan rescued a young teen from drowning in the ocean.

The couple, who were married just last Friday, was leisurely enjoying a Maine honeymoon breakfast with no particular plans in mind for the day.  Their waitress suggested they go over to Peaks Island on the ferry, saying that it is a beautiful destination and quite enjoyable. So, they set off for the island.

About five minutes after they got to the island and off the ferry, they took a seat on some rocks to enjoy the coastal view. That’s when Ryan noticed a group of young teens swimming, but something was wrong. One of the swimmers was flailing in the water crying for help.  “It was a classic ‘save me’ situation,” said Ryan.  “He was getting pulled under and drowning.”

That was when Ryan’s adrenaline started to surge and before he knew it, he had emptied his pockets, kicked off his shoes and was swimming out to save the young teenaged boy.  “I didn’t even realize what I was doing until I got out there to him,” said Ryan.  “Then I thought, ‘oh no, I might have to save myself, too.’ But, I realized that was not an option.”

Ryan won the boy’s trust and followed Ryan’s direction to get on his back allowing Ryan to also lie on his back, swimming for the two of them.  “He was a little smaller than me,” said Ryan. “If he had been much bigger I don’t know what would have happened.”

Ryan was able to get the teen safely to shore.  “That’s when it started to really hit me what had just happened.  I was incredibly tired and feeling pretty sick from the adrenaline rush.  I was pretty much out of it. In fact, my wife said the kid was trying to give me a hug and thank me and I just walked away.  I was just out of it.  I wish I could send out a message to the kid – but our paths will probably not cross again.”

“It was so random the way it all happened.  We had no plans, and we just decided to go over there on a whim. Then we were just there when everything happened. I guess I was just at the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time.  I don’t know,” he said.

And, that’s a weekend to remember – married on Friday, brief weekend honeymoon in Maine, and a rescue mission.  And now, Ryan is back at work at NH Liquor Store in Franklin.

Understandably, Ryan’s new wife Meaghan is very proud of her husband.  And, we are too!

Congratulations, Ryan.  You are truly a hero.

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