Flu Shot Clinics Set at State Worksites

Fall is a beautiful time in our fair state, but the approach of the season coincides with the approach of another, less beautiful season. Yes, it’s time to prepare for flu season.

HealthBuzzThere is no shortage of locations offering flu shots, and if you’re a state employee, one of those locations is likely your workplace. This year, Anthem is partnering with Maxim Health Systems to schedule flu shot clinics at dozens of worksites.

If you have not yet heard about a flu shot clinic at your worksite, you’re encouraged to contact your HR representative to see if there’s one in the works.

Who is eligible to participate in the flu shot clinics:  All state employees who are covered by the State Employee Health Benefit. State employees (both full-time and part-time) who are not covered by the plan may also participate, at a cost of $20, with checks made payable to the “State of New Hampshire – Treasurer”.

Who is NOT eligible to participate in the flu shot clinics: Spouses and dependents of active employees, and retirees.

What to bring: Employees will need to bring their Anthem ID card to the screening along with two copies of the completed consent form (one copy for Maxim and one copy for their own records which can be used as proof of getting the flu shot).

Health reward: Employees on the plan are eligible for a $100 Health Reward for getting the flu shot. They will need to log into their Health Reward portal through www.anthem.com and report the date of the vaccination (similar to reporting the tobacco-free or annual check-up rewards).

Do you have other health benefit questions? Send them to Chris Porter at cporter@seiu1984.org and put “Ask Chris” in the subject line. Chris is our Compensation and Benefit Research Specialist who will advocate for members experiencing challenges with their contracted medical benefits. We’ll post answers to commonly posed questions in this column.


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