Senate Sustains Veto on Juvenile Justice Bill

Governor Announces She Will Issue an Executive Order

The state Senate on Monday sustained Gov. Maggie Hassan’s veto of SB 391, the juvenile justice bill. The vote on overriding the veto fell along party lines, with 12 Republicans voting to override and nine Democrats voting against. A two-thirds majority is required to override a veto.

Just before the Senate met Monday, the governor issued a press release saying she would issue an Executive Order to “re-establish and clarify the responsibilities of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board.” You can read the press release in its entirety here.

There was more to SB 391 than just reviving the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board, but issuing an executive order would be a step in the right direction. SEA President Diana Lacey called for Gov. Hassan to act quickly on her promise, noting that the governor “sealed the deal on the MET crisis, and Medicaid expansion – both huge issues – faster than returning oversight to this center.”

“She has been amazing and worked hard on many issues, but these youths and these workers – they need help and they need it now,” Lacey said.

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