Meet the Master Bargaining Team: Jim Nall

This week we continue our profiles of members of the Executive Branch Master Bargaining Team with a profile of the chair, Jim Nall. This is his second time leading the Master Bargaining Team, and he’s been very active in the union in general.

Jim Nall

Jim Nall

Nall is a psychiatric nurse at the Glencliff Home, the state nursing home located on the side of Mt. Moosilauke in Benton.

“The individuals we care for are those that cannot obtain placement in other nursing facilities, due to their multiple diagnoses and behavioral disturbances,” Nall said. “We not only provide them with a home in a beautiful setting but also work hard to fulfill the role of a family for many of the residents.”

Nall said while these residents aren’t capable of living in their communities alone, “we integrate them when and where it is possible in order to provide a semblance of normalcy.”

“We are specifically intent to give them a high quality of supervised life without the feeling of incarceration,” he said.

Nall and his partner live in the rural town of Warren, just down the road from Lake Tarleton, previously living in a large victorian farmhouse in Wentworth.

“After our four kids had grown up and moved on, the house became way too big for just two people,” he said. “We sold that and bought our current property, mainly for the land, because the house was literally falling down.”

They spent the next few years building a new home on that property.

“With a passion for woodworking, it was a great opportunity to create a customized home that captured a lot of detail in the construction,” he said. “We designed the living and dining rooms with enough space to entertain and enjoy time with our family, friends and grandkids.”

They’ve spent a good deal of time landscaping and planting on their property, and have a large flock of assorted chickens and breeds of ducks.

“Needless to say, we don’t use store-bought eggs,” he noted.

Nall said he and his partner take advantage of the outdoor recreation options nearby all year long.

“Since we are in such close proximity to a number of rivers, lakes and ponds, we enjoy kayaking in the warmer weather as well as snowshoeing the forests in the winter,” Nall said.

Nall has been an SEA member for more than eight years, joining as soon as he entered state service. He’s been a member of the Board of Directors for the last six years. In addition, to his role as Master Bargaining Team chair, he chairs the Collective Bargaining Advisory Committee, the Dues Assistance Committee, and the state level Labor Management Committee. He’s also a member of the Health Benefits Committee, serves as vice president of Chapter 9, and is a steward, a councilor and a member of Glencliff’s newly created Labor Management Committee.

“I have been involved in our contract negotiations for a number of years now,” Nall said. “Because there is so much conflicting information out there, I wanted to learn the process firsthand and how to better understand the inner workings of state employment.”

Nall said he has learned that the only way to create worthwhile change is to become more involved.

“While it is easier to remain on the sidelines and wait for someone else to do the work, it is not an effective way to have an active voice in the ultimate outcomes,” he said. “I have been proud to be a part of some great work done by our association over the past few years when we have banded together.”

“As our social and political environments change, we have to expand our efforts to join strengths with our allies and bring positive changes, not only for our members but also for our constituents throughout in the state,” he said.

Nall said that as a union, we are fortunate that we have the collective bargaining process to present relevant issues that affect our communities and endeavor to move them forward for everyone’s betterment.

“Individually, each of us can change our life, united in solidarity, together we can change our world,” he said.

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