2014 Above & Beyond Awards

The SEA/SEIU 1984 Above and Beyond Awards recognize individual members who have gone above and beyond in their service to our state. All who were considered for these awards were nominated by their peers for their outstanding efforts. On October 1, 2014, we presented this award to five deserving winners.


Gloria Andrews with her co-worker

Gloria Andrews with her co-worker Carolyn Guerdet.

Carolyn Guerdet nominated her co-worker, Gloria Andrews to receive this award. Gloria works at the Dept. of Environmental Services as a Civil Engineer. She always is a willing hand with a great big smile. Whether it is serving at a food pantry, distributing fliers for elections, helping with cancer fund raisers, or just making cookies/bars for birthdays at her workplace, Gloria makes such a huge contribution to the people she knows – and those she doesn’t. She also has been a hands-on, hard working committee member for three years for the Pedaling for Payson bicycle ride that raises funds for those battling cancer. She is an amazing friend, co-worker, and a tireless worker for all of the State of New Hampshire.

Gloria has worked for DES since October of 2008. She has been an involved SEA/SEIU Local 1984 member serving in various chapter leadership roles and as a member of the Political Education Committee.


Betty Thomas nominated Lis and presented her with the award. Lis began working at NH Employment Security in December of 2007. She currently works in the appeals unit. She handles all aspects of scheduling unemployment compensation appeal hearings. She works with unemployed individuals to get their appeals heard as soon as possible. Lis is responsible for securing translators when needed, and helps disabled parties in ways that help them fully participate in their appeal hearings for their benefits. Her job is quite complex, and she does it extremely well.

Lis has been an SEA/SEIU Local 1984 member since 2007.


Diana Richard presented Heidi with the award. Heidi’s co-worker could not make the trip down from Berlin, but, happily Heidi already
had plans to be in Concord.

Heidi Guinen with Diana Richard

Heidi Guinen with Diana Richard

Linda Hannigan nominated Heidi and had the following remarks in her nomination:

Heidi works at the Northern Correctional Facility in Berlin. She has been working there since 2001, and started as a Senior Psychiatric Social Worker. She has since become an administrator of Medical and Forensic services working for all Dept. of Corrections’ sites. She works hard and does not ask anyone to do what she is not willing to do herself. She has 50 plus staff that she supervises and is caring, fair and a very strong advocate. She is one of the most professional, caring and compassionate people I have ever worked with. She always looks “outside the box” and instead of saying “that won’t work” she asks why won’t it work? She treats everyone with dignity and respect from her co- workers to the inmate population. I am honored to have worked with and known Ms. Guinen for over 20 years. She presented an idea to the Director a few years back about development of a Wellness Unit at the Northern Correction Facility; she had vision that this was needed to help the clients. The mental health population increases every year and with the exception of Secure Psychiatric Unit and Residential Treatment Unit (which are both housed in the Concord Facility) the clients at the Northern Corrections Facility and Goffstown did not have options for specialized treatment. The unit has been open for over 3 years and has been successful to date. My nomination for Ms. Guinen is a long time coming for her dedication within the prison system as a whole.

Heidi has been an SEA/SEIU Local 1984 member since 2002.


Tammy Clark nominated John Hattan to receive the award.


John Hattan with Tammy Clark

John has been a NH state employee since 1989. He works in the DHHS Division of Child Support Services.

In her nomination, Tammy said:

John always goes above and beyond to help everyone around him feel like they are valued. John is thoughtful and persistent in his approach. In addition he puts his heart into his job and the political activism that can support it. I don’t think there is another person that is more dedicated to his job, union and the community. That is why I nominate John for his outstanding service as a state employee, as well as dedicated union member!

John has been an active SEA/SEIU Local 1984 member for almost 25 years. During that time he has served as a Director, chapter leader, and has been on eight committees.


Cynthia Richard with Lorri Sargent

Cynthia Richard with Lorri Sargent

Lorri Sargent nominated Cindy Richard for the SEA/SEIU 1984 Above and Beyond Award and she was able to present it to her co-worker.
Cindy has worked for the Department of Safety in the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Unit for 30 plus years, and within the past six years of that time has taken over and revamped the Emergency Management Performance Grant program management.

Under her guidance, the program has allowed countless towns and School Districts to make necessary structural and safety improvements in their organizations. When Cindy took over the Emergency Management Performance Grant’s oversight she did so with a great deal of drive and determination to turn it around.

We congratulate all of the 2014 winners!

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