For Hattan, Giving Back is Fundamental


John Hattan poses for a photo with Tammy Clark after he was presented with an Above and Beyond Award on Oct. 1 as part of State Employee Appreciation Day.

As part of the Oct. 1 State Employee Appreciation Day festivities, five state employees were honored with awards for going above and beyond for their colleagues and community. We announced the winners of the aptly named Above and Beyond Awards in the SEA News two weeks ago, but over the next few weeks we’ll go more in depth with each of the winners starting today with John Hattan.

Hattan is a policy writer in the Child Support Services Division of Health and Human Services, and his nomination for the award came from colleague Tammy Clark.

“John always goes above and beyond to help everyone around him feel like they are valued,” Clark wrote. “John is thoughtful and persistent in his approach. In addition, he puts his heart into his job and the political activism that can support it.”

“I don’t think there is another person that is more dedicated to his job, union and the community,” Clark wrote.

When asked what he felt in winning the award, he had a one-word answer: “Gratitude.” He was also quick to defer praise to the other award winners.

“It’s an honor to be amongst such a great group,” he said.

Hattan said giving back to others is a fundamental thing for him.

“If you participate in the civic process, you get a sense of participation and a feeling of community,” he said. “To me, that’s a fundamental part of being human.”

Hattan is active in his union, serving as a Director and as a member of numerous committees, as well as the Chapter 45 Secretary. He’s also politically active, serving as vice chair of the Merrimack County Democrats, secretary for the Concord City Democrats and on the Rules and Bylaws Committee for the state Democratic Party.

He said a big part of being so active is not saying “no” all that often, and “yes” as much as possible.

“You don’t necessarily think about it,” he said. “You see a need, so you commit to something and work to make it better.”

When opportunities to help others come up, he said, you just need to dive right in.

“You just take it as it comes, don’t think about it too much, and try to do a good job at that given moment,” he said.

Congratulations to John Hattan on this well-deserved award.

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